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About us

"With great attention to detail, we create individual and customised properties from German master craftsmen". Wolfgang Dressler

We build your home in Majorca!

The company Dressler & Partner can look back on a 30-year success story with its origins in southern Germany. Company founder Wolfgang Dressler has turned the traditional company into one of the most successful architecture and construction companies in Majorca.

The proven German building quality and the consistent consideration of building physics, adapted to the climatic conditions of Majorca, is the basis of our company.

With our multilingual team of experts consisting of architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, project managers, interior designers, master craftsmen and qualified construction personnel, we offer the complete handling of your building project, from the purchase of the plot to the handover of the keys.

Our services:  
  • Building plots island-wide
  • Architecture
  • Construction Management
  • New construction
  • Pre-designed houses with short construction time
  • Refurbishment / Conversion
  • Interior Design
  • House maintenance

Our Team

Wolfgang Dressler

Wolfgang Dressler

Founder & CEO

Fabian Severloh

Management Assistant

Patricia Bermúdez

Chief Financial Officer

Marcus Leschik

Senior Construction Site Manager

Javier Montañés

Construction Site Manager

Marc Gehlhaar

Senior Architect

Miguel Morell

Engineer for Building Technology

Jana von Axleben

Sales Agent

Bettina Van de Voorde

Construction Management Assitant

Mónica Pérez

Assistant Execution Planning

Xisca Domenge

Assistant Execution Planning

Kioma Dressler

Interior Designer

Maria Bustamante

Interior Designer

Carlos de Azevedo

Carlos de Azevedo

Project Calculator

Manuela Lindner

Maintenance Manager

Lukas Morong


Ana María Ramírez


Elena Pepich

Project Management Assistant

Marta Perez

HR / Accounting

Our construction team