Building plots in Majorca

We not only support you in finding the right plot of land but also conduct a professional basic investigation to ensure that your construction project complies with the regulatory requirements and local standards.


Basic Investigation

  • Review of the local zoning plan to determine the type of construction permitted on the property
  • Clarification of building regulations and requirements to ensure that the planned construction project complies with local standards
  • Verification of whether the property is properly connected to necessary utility lines (water, electricity, sewage). If not, options for connection will be examined considering environmental regulations or conservation
  • Clarification of all necessary governmental permits for the construction project (building permits, environmental permits, etc.)
  • Review of any specific architectural requirements or regulations of the respective region
  • For rural properties, examination of conservation and environmental regulations that may affect the construction project

Preliminary Design Planning

As part of our preliminary design planning, we also provide the following services: (These can also be conducted during the basic investigation upon customer request)

  • Analysis of the subsoil provides insight into the foundation depth of your house
  • Analysis of the site through a topographical survey enables the identification of potential challenges during construction
  • Professional surveying is essential for clarity regarding the exact property boundaries to avoid potential conflicts (with neighbours, etc.)

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