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Building licences in Majorca

In Majorca, a building licence (licencia de obras) is required before any construction work can begin on a plot of land or building.

There are two main types of building permits: the minor building permit (Comunicación previa – formerly: Licencia de obra menor) and the major building permit (licencia de obra – formerly: Licencia de obra mayor). They differ in the type and scope of the project. Both have specific requirements, involve different documentation and authorisation processes and cover different types of construction projects.

Minor building licence (Comunicación previa)

This type of authorisation typically covers work that does not require structural changes or major interventions in the building or infrastructure. Here are some examples and details of what a minor building licence in Majorca might include:

  • Interior renovations: painting work, replacement of floor coverings, installation of new kitchen or bathroom fittings without changing the layout of the room.
  • Maintenance work: Repairs to roofs, facades, and windows as long as they do not involve structural changes.
  • Minor structural alterations: Changes to walls, such as moving in or removing non-load-bearing walls.
  • Replacement and installation of fixtures and fittings: Replacement of electrical installations, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Garden work: Construction of small walls or fences, erection of pergolas or garden sheds, provided they do not take up a large floor area.

Required documents:

  • Application form: A specific form of the respective municipality
  • Project description: Detailed description of the planned work
  • Plans and drawings: Often simple plans or drawings depicting the proposed work must be included
  • Cost estimate: A detailed estimate of the cost of the project
  • Proof of ownership: Documents proving that you are the owner of the property or are acting on behalf of the owner


  • Submission: The application is submitted to the relevant local authority (Ayuntamiento)
  • Payment of fees

Major building licence (Licencia de obra)

A major building permit, known as a ‘Licencia de Obra’, is required in Majorca for more extensive building projects that involve structural changes, new buildings or major renovations, extensions or legalisations. In contrast to the small building licence, a large building licence covers more complex and often more long-term construction projects. Here are the main aspects and requirements for a major building licence in Majorca:

  • New builds: Construction of residential homes, commercial buildings, or other structures Extensions: Addition of extra rooms or floors to existing buildings
  • Structural alterations: Changes to load-bearing walls, roofs or foundations
  • Conversions of use: Conversion of buildings, e.g. from a residential building to a commercial property or vice versa
  • Complex renovations: Comprehensive refurbishments that involve structural interventions and major changes to the building structure.

Required documents:

  • Application form: Specific form from the responsible municipality
  • Architect’s project: Detailed project drawn up by a licensed architect. This includes plans, technical descriptions, calculations and, if applicable, other technical documents
  • Construction plans: Comprehensive plans describing the construction work in detail
  • Environmental reports: Depending on the type and location of the project, environmental assessments may be required
  • Structural calculations: Proof of the structural safety of the planned construction project
  • Cost calculation: Detailed cost breakdown of the entire construction project
  • Proof of ownership: Documents proving that you are the owner of the property or are acting on behalf of the owner
  • Additional appraisals: Depending on the project, additional expertises (e.g. geotechnical, acoustic, fire protection) may be required


  • Submission of the application: The application is submitted to the responsible municipal administration (Ayuntamiento)
  • Preliminary review: The authority checks whether all the required documents have been submitted completely
  • Technical review: The construction project is reviewed by various specialised departments for compliance with building regulations, urban planning requirements and other legal provisions
  • Authorisation: Following a successful review, the building permit is issued. This can take several months
  • Execution of the work: Once authorisation has been received, construction work can begin. The work must be carried out in accordance with the approved plans and regulations
  • Monitoring and acceptance: After construction, inspections are carried out by the relevant authorities to ensure that the work complies with the approved plans and regulations. A final inspection is carried out after completion of the work

Important notes:

Legal regulations: It is important to find out about local building regulations and legal requirements. These vary depending on the municipality. Costs and fees: Applying for a large building permit usually involves higher costs and fees than a small building permit. These should be calculated in advance. Careful planning and compliance with all the necessary steps and requirements are crucial to successfully obtaining a large building licence in Majorca.

Differences between small and large building permits:

Documentation and complexity

  • Small building permit: Less complex, requires simple plans and descriptions
  • Major building permit: Very detailed plans and technical documentation are required

Processing time

  • Small building permit: Fast approval process
  • Major building permit: Longer processing time due to complexity and possible involvement of several authorities


  • Small building permit: Lower fees
  • Major planning permission: Higher fees due to the more comprehensive inspection procedures


Regardless of whether you need a small or large building permit, it is crucial to inform yourself thoroughly in advance and ensure that all necessary documents are submitted completely and correctly. Specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the municipality. We recommend that you consult with a local architect or civil engineer who is familiar with local regulations and processes to ensure that all regulations are met.

Complying with building regulations and obtaining the proper permits is not only required by law, but will also ensure that your construction project runs smoothly and safely.