Advantages of a new development in Majorca

In Majorca, what are the advantages of new construction compared to buying a property?

Majorca has been experiencing a growing demand for luxury real estate for many years now. Unfortunately, the selling prices of these properties are sky-high due to the limited supply on the market and the small size of the island’s territory. As a result, finding a suitable home within a specific budget is a tough challenge. There are other variables such as location and furnishings to consider. Nowadays, on the property market, it is complicated to identify a finca or villa in Majorca that is a) in the desired location and b) whose design and furnishings completely suit one’s expectations.

Purchasing a home is likely to be a long-term commitment. Many buyers begin the search with the idea of viewing a property, moving in and feeling comfortable from the outset. However, unfortunately, after some time and many viewings, it frequently turns out that this is a pipe dream.



What are the arguments in favour of new development in Majorca?

There are many compelling arguments in favour of building a house in Mallorca, such as the chance of picking the site, the freedom of design, the possibility to apply one’s ideas and preferences, the construction quality and the stability of the property’s value. Costs are another reason in favour of realizing your own construction project. Compared to the pricing of properties on the market, the price/performance ratios for new construction are significantly better. After determining that high demand justifies very high prices for the sale of real estate in Majorca, one should ask oneself: am I willing to wait 1.5–2 years before moving into my (second) Majorca home?

When you build your own home, you are the one who pulls the strings from the start, always respecting the local building regulations, of course. You decide the architectural style and design, the layout of the rooms, the furnishings and the interior decoration. You can adapt all aspects of the future home to your personal preferences and needs.



In which way is the Spanish warranty different from the German one?

In the long run, the ability to control the quality of the construction is critical. In many ways, Spanish building standards differ significantly from the ones in Germany. The Spanish warranty in the building trade only differentiates according to the construction trades:


  • 1 year finally the contractor is liable for defects affecting the appearance of the property
  • 3 years after the acceptance of the construction for defects that affect the habitability and result from the construction or the construction elements
  • 10 years for the load-bearing structure (only the structurally necessary structure, no subordinate components such as lintels, attics, etc.)

In order to ensure a property with stable value that can withstand the humidity and the sea climate on Mallorca for years to come, high-quality construction is required in any case. The most serious building defects (damp, mould and insulation) result from failure to consider the physics of the building. However, this topic is so extensive that we would like to discuss it with you in a personal meeting.


However, we would like to address an additional widespread problem in house building on Mallorca at this point: “rising damp” in the masonry. This can be completely avoided by inserting a horizontal moisture barrier in the first and, in the case of problematic topography, also in the second masonry layer. Quality construction, as well as the appropriate materials, play an important role in achieving a healthy indoor climate. The even passage of temperature through all external building components and the breathable, monolithic wall preferred by us prevent the formation of condensation water and thus completely exclude the formation of mould.


Building technology and energy factors also play a major role. When constructing a new building, one must ensure that it is built with the best possible energy efficiency class, which meets the energy regulations and standards for heating, ventilation and cooling, as well as for insulation and air filtration. The client also decides on the extent of the installation of environmentally friendly energy sources, such as photovoltaics or geothermal energy or similar.


Building a house abroad is fundamentally a challenge, as you will be confronted with legislation and a foreign language that are unfamiliar to you. You should be aware that the implementation of the building project will take time, with the extensive planning phase (6 weeks), approval processes (12 months) and the subsequent construction period (10 – 12 months). Anyone who is thinking about fulfilling their dream of owning a home in Mallorca should definitely seek professional advice.

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