Dressler & Partner’s success story: Tradition, quality and innovation in Mallorca

It was the year 1993 when Wolfgang Dressler realized his entrepreneurial vision in Majorca, laying the foundation for the present construction company Dressler & Partner. The native craftsman from southern Germany started his business in Algaida. Quality, reliability, and tradition formed the solid foundation on which the company was built.


The beginnings in Algaida were characterized by building up the business and the commitment to deliver excellent construction projects to clients. The company’s core values, firmly anchored until then, included quality craftsmanship from master hands and a reliable and reputable execution of all construction projects, always taking precedence. These values are not just slogans but reflect the lived corporate culture to this day.




Traditional craftsmanship and Innovation: The profile of Dressler & Partner


Dressler & Partner quickly established itself as a privately-owned traditional construction company with a broad spectrum of services. From new construction to architecture and project management, to renovation, interior design, and home care, the services cover the entire lifecycle of a construction project. This versatility allowed the company to position itself as a full-service provider, offering clients comprehensive support from a single source.


The company specializes in the construction of single-family homes in the high-end segment. With a clear focus on quality craftsmanship from skilled craftsmen, the company has earned an excellent reputation over the years. The impressive track record of more than 300 completed projects over three decades documents the high level of dedication and commitment of the company.




Company Development


Over the years, the company experienced continuous growth, manifested not only in the number of projects but also in expansion. In 2021, the company had opened a total of five offices on the island of Majorca. The need for a more central location became apparent. In 2022, Dressler & Partner relocated its headquarters to Son Oms/Palma, in close proximity to the airport, to better serve the international clientele and offer its services even more efficiently. This strategic decision proved to be very advantageous, allowing the company to provide optimal customer service by centralizing everything at one location.





Differentiating features that convince: Quality, Reliability, Expertise


In Majorca, there are numerous construction companies, and it’s important to mention that, as in any industry, there is a wide range of providers requiring careful selection.


What sets Dressler & Partner apart from other construction companies are its distinguishing features such as breathable walls, solid floor slabs, horizontal moisture barrier, etc. The company adheres to high-quality German construction methods, evident in every single project. Emphasis is placed on the reliable and reputable execution of orders, strengthening customer trust.


Another unique feature is the consistent consideration of building physics requirements and static calculations. Dressler & Partner not only focuses on aesthetic aspects but also ensures the longevity under Majorca’s climatic conditions and functionality of the houses.




In-house specialists for highest quality: Key functions in-house


Another key to Dressler & Partner’s success is its in-house team of multilingual professionals. Whether architects, civil engineers, interior designers, or skilled craftsmen – Dressler & Partner has a well-coordinated team working hand in hand to ensure the highest quality.




The 2nd generation takes over: Continuity and new impulses


Today, more than three decades after its founding, Dressler & Partner faces a significant step in its development. The founding vision of Wolfgang Dressler is now carried on by the second generation. Wolfgang Dressler already leads the company with his daughter Kioma Dressler and Fabian Severloh. Together, they form the new management of the company. This seamless transition is not only a sign of family continuity but also of the long-term orientation and stability of Dressler & Partner. The next generation will preserve the traditions and values that have made the company great while facing the challenges of the modern construction industry and introducing innovations to keep the company at the forefront of construction in Majorca. Dressler & Partner remains not just a construction company but a symbol of quality standards and reliability in the construction industry in Majorca. Today, the company is counted among the most prestigious construction companies on the island, serving a demanding international clientele and proudly looking back on 30 years of successful history.