Essential basic determination before buying a plot of land in Mallorca

Many prospective buyers, unable to find the ideal property in their search for existing real estate in Mallorca that aligns with their individual desires and preferences, often opt to fulfill their dreams of a perfect home on the island through new construction.


The quest for a suitable plot of land in Mallorca has become an increasingly challenging task, as building land has become a precious resource in the face of high demand. This circumstance not only makes the search time-consuming but also necessitates comprehensive planning and a strategic approach. We recommend addressing the challenges of land acquisition in Mallorca at an early stage.


In this article, we shed light on the indispensable site investigation of a property, which helps you avoid costly mistakes, as uninformed purchases can lead to financial disasters.


Once the suitable plot has been selected, it is crucial to seek the expertise of an experienced local architect before making the purchase. This step is essential to ensure that both the structural and planning aspects of the property are optimally considered. An experienced architect can assist not only in assessing the buildability and development potential of the land but also in navigating local building regulations and approval processes, thereby avoiding potential pitfalls.



Below, we summarize the essential criteria relevant to the examination of a plot of land:


1. Development Plan and Building Rights:


The first step is a thorough examination of the development plan and building rights. It is important to ensure that the planned use aligns with local regulations and rules.


2. Accessibility and Infrastructure:


While the location may seem dreamy, is the plot of land adequately accessible? The availability of electricity, water, gas, and other necessary infrastructures should be carefully examined. If these are not available, an assessment of connectivity options should be conducted, taking into account environmental regulations and conservation provisions. Additionally, considering access to transportation routes is crucial.


3. Permits and Building Applications:


Without the necessary permits for a construction project, even the most beautiful plot of land in Mallorca can become a problematic investment. Local building authorities must approve all necessary documents and building applications. An experienced architect can help ensure that all required permits are obtained in a timely and correct manner.


4. Architectural Aspects:


A detailed examination is conducted regarding any specific architectural requirements or regulations that may exist for the particular region. This thorough review aims to ensure that all structural aspects adhere to local standards and guidelines.


5. Environmental Regulations for Rural Land:


Especially for rural plots of land in Mallorca, environmental regulations are of great importance. Nature reserves, water protection areas, and other ecological factors can influence the construction and use of the plot of land. A comprehensive environmental assessment is essential to avoid conflicts later on.



Optionally, the following three aspects can also be included in the site investigation. These are typically carefully examined during the preliminary design planning of a construction project:


1. Topography and Terrain Analysis:


The precise examination of topography and terrain characteristics allows for a  precise design of the building ground, considering potential challenges such as slopes or water accumulation.


2. Property Boundaries and Survey:


Accurate surveying and clarification of property boundaries are essential to avoid potential conflicts with neighbors and to ensure the exact determination of areas for building permits.



At the latest during the detailed planning, a soil analysis is required for the structural calculation of the house.


1. Soil Analysis:


A comprehensive analysis of soil conditions, including load-bearing capacity and geological properties, provides crucial insights for the planning and constructive implementation of a construction project.


We not only assist you in finding the right plot but also conduct a knowledgeable site investigation to ensure that your construction project complies with applicable regulatory requirements and local standards.